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 Mafia II DLC Pack Deluxe Pc

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Mesaj Sayısı : 331
Doğum Tarihi : 19/02/90
Kayıt Tarihi : 08/11/10
Nerden : Almanya
Yaş : 27
Cinsiyet : Erkek
Lakap : Gezegen
Rep Gücüı : 4713
Rep Puanı : 6

MesajKonu: Mafia II DLC Pack Deluxe Pc   Paz Ara. 26, 2010 12:35 am

Mafia II DLC Pack Deluxe Pc

Mafia II: DLC Pack Deluxe 2011 Repack | 1.30 GB
Genre: Action (Shooter) | Developer: 2K Czech | Platform: PC
Special set of amendments expands the horizons of Mafia II. Bonus cars
and costumes, as well as new characters and storylines will again plunge
into the world of the criminal America, 1940-50-x. In addition, the
online leader board will give an incentive for re-passage and struggle
for the top lines in the rankings.
Four sets of clothes and cars for the main character Mafia II:
Vegas Pack - attributes chic life: two tog suit and two luxury cars.
Renegade Pack - sports coupe and the hot-rod style 1950 with uprated engine, leather and "baseball" jackets.
Greaser Pack - two hot-rod Speedster; leather suit professional racer, a leather jacket and a pair of heavy boots.
War Hero Pack - back to 1940: Two army auto, grand and field military uniforms.
Three story additions:
Joe's Adventure - Speaking to the role of Joe, you'll know who sent Vito
behind bars, and why you should not communicate with his family
Jimmy's Vendetta - Bounty Hunter Jimmy wipe the mud after the other - until the "podterli" him. But come the hour of reckoning!
The Betrayal of Jimmy - Playing for Jimmy, you have to find out what events led him to seek revenge.
System requirements:
- Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
- Processor: Intel Pentium 4@1.5 GHz / AMD Athlon XP 1500
- Memory: 1 GB
- Hard disk: 2 Gb (4 Gb for installation)
- Sound system: compatible with DirectX
- Video: nVidia GeForce 6600 / ATI Radeon X1300 128 MB
Features RePack:
- Do not cut / no compression
- Integrated Update # 3 (cumulative) by Skidrow
- Integrated Empire Bay HQ Textures v1.0 (retekstur the world, optional)
- Integrated Big Guns v2.0 (retekstur weapons, optional)
- Bilingual (rus / eng) installer
- Installation time - 7 minutes
- Lang: English & Russian


[url=http://www.filesonic.com/file/47368169]Download Mafia.II.DLC.part01.rar for free on Filesonic.com[/url]
[url=http://www.filesonic.com/file/47368171]Download Mafia.II.DLC.part02.rar for free on Filesonic.com[/url]
[url=http://www.filesonic.com/file/47368173]Download Mafia.II.DLC.part03.rar for free on Filesonic.com[/url]
[url=http://www.filesonic.com/file/47368175]Download Mafia.II.DLC.part04.rar for free on Filesonic.com[/url]
[url=http://www.filesonic.com/file/47368177]Download Mafia.II.DLC.part05.rar for free on Filesonic.com[/url]
[url=http://www.filesonic.com/file/47368179]Download Mafia.II.DLC.part06.rar for free on Filesonic.com[/url]
[url=http://www.filesonic.com/file/47368181]Download Mafia.II.DLC.part07.rar for free on Filesonic.com[/url]
[url=http://www.filesonic.com/file/47368183]Download Mafia.II.DLC.part08.rar for free on Filesonic.com[/url]
[url=http://www.filesonic.com/file/47368185]Download Mafia.II.DLC.part09.rar for free on Filesonic.com[/url]
[url=http://www.filesonic.com/file/47368187]Download Mafia.II.DLC.part10.rar for free on Filesonic.com[/url]
[url=http://www.filesonic.com/file/47368189]Download Mafia.II.DLC.part11.rar for free on Filesonic.com[/url]
[url=http://www.filesonic.com/file/47368191]Download Mafia.II.DLC.part12.rar for free on Filesonic.com[/url]
[url=http://www.filesonic.com/file/47368193]Download Mafia.II.DLC.part13.rar for free on Filesonic.com[/url]
[url=http://www.filesonic.com/file/47368195]Download Mafia.II.DLC.part14.rar for free on Filesonic.com[/url]

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Mafia II DLC Pack Deluxe Pc
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